Birth Stories and Testimonies

Below are some birth stories from my clients, followed by testimonies and pictures.


Grace first baby at (mums!) home

“Having my wonderful midwife mum at my birth was an absolute blessing. Giving birth is a daunting experience for which I would’ve needed the support of my mum anyway. But it was an added bonus that she was able to take care of the ‘medical’ side of things too. Having my mum at my side gave me the confidence to stay at home for my birth as I knew we would be in safe and capable hands. She really is a brilliant midwife and I would highly recommend her (and not even just because she’s my mum!)” (PS Picture is when we were in Wallingford hospital, but went home as the serious bit hadn’t started…little did I know!)

Penny (HBAC) 2nd Baby

If you’re lucky enough to have come across this website and go on to meet Sarah Ifill you WILL have a positive pregnancy care, birth care and after care experience. Sarah’s gentle, kind, caring approach to midwifery made our whole 2nd time round something we could have only dreamed of and gave us back our ultimate choice – home birth.

Louise and John 3rd, 4th and 5th homebirths

I first met Sarah when she was an NHS midwife, I was booked in for a home birth with my third baby.

I didn’t know which midwife I would get when I went into labour but I rang the surgery and although Sarah was at the end of her shift she was with me in minutes.

She delivered my son and she was absolutely brilliant, so much so that when Sarah went independent I booked her for my fourth baby (second home birth) and even when I moved from Oxfordshire to Wiltshire and became pregnant with my fifth baby, despite a bit more distance I booked her again.

Sarah made herself available whenever I needed her and even stayed over one night towards the end to make sure she would make it as I have a history of quite quick labours. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Sarah to anyone, she’s the best person to introduce you to your baby.