Do you offer a reduced fee if I book late?

 No, as I have the same amount of work to do in a shorter time.

If I have shared care with two midwives, is this going to cost twice as much?

 No! The midwives split the fee, you only pay one fee, £5000

What back up do you have if you are unavailable?

I work in a group practice with two other midwives, and a retired midwife now acting as a birth friend some of whom I will introduce to you, so that whatever happens you will have a known midwife. In the extremely rare situation that two births are happening simultaneously, I will give priority to the woman who has booked first, and also those wanting a home birth.

Do you provide all the equipment for a birth?

Yes, I bring all the equipment for a home birth; Entonox, resuscitation equipment, I even have a birth pool (you’d have to get a liner) and all the necessary bags to remove all the waste, including the placenta if you wish me to dispose of it for you. We will ask you to provide some plastic sheeting to protect your carpets, and definitely some tea for the midwives!

If I book for midwifery care is there an additional charge for your other services if I want them?

No, not if you are my client.