I’m Back!

After a heartbreaking 2017 when I almost left midwifery behind, I am pleased to report 6 births in 2 months: I am well and truly back in Service!!

Pregnancy Diary

Now you’ve taken the plunge, we are going on a journey through your whole pregnancy week by week; looking at what is going on and most importantly what you both need to be thinking about when; in an entertaining and informative pregnancy diary format. Enjoy! Week One ~ What Your Body Needs Around fourteen days after […]

Life After Kids!!

For those of you about to embark on the magical journey that is parenthood; a word of advice- there is NOT ONE aspect of your life that won’t be affected, in some way, by your new little bundle of joy- so I feel that I would love to alert you to just three of the […]

Preconception; the best place to start

  It’s always nice to be prepared, yet how many of us take time to plan for becoming parents, BEFORE the positive pregnancy test?      I’m talking about a holistic approach to preconception; not merely in terms of our health but perhaps in more significant and far reaching ways that may change even our priorities in […]

Reaping the Harvest

As Autumn approaches,and with it the Harvest, like the season suggests, there is much, following a fruitful summer to be thankful for, store up and learn from. Whilst I have attended lots of births its true, even chance meetings, and all the advice and help I have passed on, has made me realise what a […]

The Trouble with Established Labour

Having attended a couple of quite lengthy births recently from the early stages, it has made me realise how vital support when needed through labour is, particularly for first time mums to be. Although women are often sent home in early labour to “await established labour” some form of support in labour from the beginning […]

Pregnant Valentines

  With Valentines Day upon us and the much hyped premiere of  “50 Shades of Grey” I am wondering where it leaves women and their partners? It can be a daunting task to predict how the hormones may be affecting her sex drive. For some women their libido can stay in one mode for the entire pregnancy… […]

Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy

I strongly believe good nutrition is key to keeping women and their babies healthy in pregnancy. We know that modifications to normal diet can play a part in preventing some less serious problems, such as anaemia, and there is also research to suggest it may have a role for those most at risk of more […]

Active Birth Preparation

Are you looking for a hands on, more practical approach to preparing yourself and your birth partner for the BIG DAY? Then this may be for you…either an Active Birth Workshop with other couples, or a one to one active birth preparation session with just you and your partner. I briefly take you through the […]

Blessingways- a blessing indeed

I have been lucky enough to attend a wonderful Blessingway recently. You may be wondering what one is.  Its origins are Native American Indian (Navajo), although the idea can easily be adapted to any belief system. It is a ritual offering spiritual support and empowerment to mothers to be for their journey through birth and […]