Life after kids

For those of you about to embark on the magical journey that is parenthood; a word of advice- there is NOT ONE aspect of your life that won’t be affected, in some way, by your new little bundle of joy- so I feel that I would love to alert you to just three of the more important considerations to be made, that will help you to navigate this transition to life after kids with as few upsets as possible; namely money,space and time.

Financial planning and thinking about life on one income;

1: Is the primary care giving parent going back to work and if so on what terms and hours?

2: Childcare issues and arrangements;

3: What paternity leave is there for the other partner, support, etc.

Despite less disposable income, this is an important time to start thinking about Life Insurance and Wills, especially as there is someone else to consider! There’s lots of helpful advice out there to help:

Its also fair to stay that the vast majority of baby “stuff” (see below) can be begged, borrowed or freecycled, and needn’t cost you the second mortgage you think it should. Baby only cares about being fed and having mummy or daddy to love- not if the crib is an antique!! In fact the only things that need to be new are car seat and mattress.

Living arrangements will need to be considered as babies come with a lot of “stuff”…. More space may be needed and this may mean a house move or extension! As a rule a baby cant play with everything all at once and has a very short attention span; so bringing out a few things at a time can be helpful. Boxes for the loft might be handy- although the box may prove more entertaining to them than the contents ?

As well as space your house will eventually need baby proofing! It may look like this! It is savvy to be thinking at least a couple of stages ahead of your baby, as they often develop quicker than you think (and some miss out a stage completely!!)

What impact will a baby have on both partners social life? What you do together and separately may change, but one thing is for definite the two of you are about to be three (or more!!)

Time management is critical if you are to minimise disagreements and resentment after the baby arrives; you both still need time for yourselves as individuals; time together as a couple and time as a new family.

You both deserve a lie in once a week, and you both need sleep. One of you at least has to return to work, and will probably have to be able to get to and from work safely, ie not falling asleep at the wheel or missing your stop if commuting is involved.

Getting this balance right is key to enjoying your life as a new family. And do communicate if you don’t think it’s working fairly!

Good luck!!

I’m very happy to give couples preconception advice in their homes by appointment, to help them feel as prepared as possible for the joys and challenges of parenthood.

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