Reaping the harvest

As Autumn approaches,and with it the Harvest, like the season suggests, there is much, following a fruitful summer to be thankful for, store up and learn from. Whilst I have attended lots of births its true, even chance meetings, and all the advice and help I have passed on, has made me realise what a very significant role a midwife has.

I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate some people’s healing, men as well as women, following previously traumatic births; its been humbling and a privilege to enable this to happen. Mostly this has been through listening; artwork and tears; but I have also developed the use of therapeutic touch and look forward to developing this skill in the near future.

I’ve got more involved with Blessingways having written and facilitated my first one this year for someone I literally just met days before; what a responsibility, but WOW! what an honour and what an amazing experience. It seemed to be well received, and I even managed to be present to hold the space for her birth.

Together with my Oxfordshire Midwifery Practice colleagues we have offered more postnatal rebozo’s to our clients; a significant and defining end to a woman’s pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. This has helped some of them consider the next step in their life journey, knowing that this was the last baby for them; moving and sad though this clearly was; a transition to a new strength, power and determination was born too. One door shuts and another opens…

As well as nuturing clients, I have re discovered my passion for teaching, and have ventured into leading my first Aspiring Midwives Workshop, as the name suggests for all those thinking of becoming midwives. This was a big challenge, but immensely rewarding and I hope to be offering another date in the Autumn.

This summer I have completed some training in acupuncture for labour; and am looking forward to teaching and catching up with some of my previous clients. The joys of independent midwifery…. never a dull moment ?

If you are pregnant or hoping to be, coping with loss or trauma surrounding birth and looking to move forward in your journey and needing help, please contact me, I may be able to help or signpost you in the right direction.

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