Active Birth Preparation

Are you looking for a hands on, more practical approach to preparing yourself and your birth partner for the BIG DAY? Then this may be for you…either an Active Birth Workshop with other couples, or a one to one active birth preparation session with just you and your partner.

I briefly take you through the rationale behind why being active in labour can shorten and facilitate childbirth, and also look at the role of hormones during birth, but for the majority of a two hour session, you will be given lots of practical ideas to try out to help you through your birth, including massage techniques, use of movement, positions and how to relax; as well as how to create a good birth space, and making effective use of the things that are around you. I give some general advice about how to be an effective birth partner too.

I also cover tips for getting your baby into the best possible position for birth, and some tried and tested ways to move a less ideally positioned baby in labour!

This workshop is aimed at anyone having a baby regardless if you already have children. It can be especially beneficial if you are hoping to have a more straightforward birth outcome than previous birth experiences, for example if you’ve had a caesarean birth and are hoping for a VBAC this time, or maybe you are planning a homebirth and would like to have some strategies to help you get through labour where an epidural isn’t an option.

All this really useful information is delivered with a lot of fun and humour as well as respect and consideration, which I believe makes it all the more memorable.

If you would like to know more then please contact me via phone or email. I would really like to be running a workshop very soon, if I can get at least six couples interested. So please ask around if you have pregnant friends who might like a fun night out with a difference!

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