Blessingways – a blessing indeed

I have been lucky enough to attend a wonderful Blessingway recently. You may be wondering what one is

Its origins are Native American Indian (Navajo), although the idea can easily be adapted to any belief system. It is a ritual offering spiritual support and empowerment to mothers to be for their journey through birth and into motherhood;  Traditionally this means all the woman’s female family and friends gather to offer her affirmations, mantras and gifts for strength, (amulets and talismans) and share birth stories; honouring the great work that she was about to undertake.

There is often adornment too; painting her pregnant belly with henna, anointing and massaging with fragrant oils; and decorating her with garlands of flowers.

The journey to motherhood is a significant rite of passage all over the world. In the modern Western world we often use a Baby Shower as a way of celebrating this, but a Blessingway is an alternative and I have known people to incorporate some elements of both in a celebration for an expectant mother.

Blessingway Ideas

If you are thinking of arranging a Blessingway, or if you are pregnant and would like to have one, I think the most important factor to take into consideration is making it relevant and meaningful for the mother. However, if you want some general ideas on the sorts of activities that could be included here are a few things that I have seen at some of the Blessingways that I have attended (they were all very different!) :-

Story sharing, birth journey cards, jewellery making, art work, singing, foot spa, massage and even Reiki. The list of possibilities really is endless. It is also worth adding that those sharing in a woman’s Blessingway go away feeling really blessed too… It certainly is very special and may leave you wanting to attend another, or even organise one for someone you know. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me.

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