Birth Announcement

I have witnessed lots of births over the years; some smooth and easy others hard and needing a lot of hands on care, but I can honestly say that today’s birth has been a marathon…however like all proud parents I am delighted to announce the birth of my new website!! Its taken much gestating and an excruciatingly long labour and I guess like lots of parents to be, I’ve had my moments of self doubt; times I didn’t think it would ever work… but thanks to great support from my very able web mistress Belinda, I’m happy to announce that I’ve overcome years of technophobia, and finally been brave enough to see exactly how a website comes into being, and even tinkered about with it just a little!! So here it is…. enjoy! I look forward to a brave new era of social media; FB,tweets and now blogging, all places for me to express my passion for all things birth!

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